BIGG Boss 6 Telugu vote (voting line and live results) ✅ (2023)

Bigg Voting -Chef Telugu:Wait for moreBigg Boss 6 Telugu voteThe show began on September 4, 2022. TheTo chooseThe process also started.

Akkineni Nagarjuna Varasthalt MoreyBigg Boss 6 Voting Show.Big Ge Ng -Chef Telugu Vo Pa RaFor the fifth time since 2019.

Bigg Boss TelugusurveyIt is available for thisBIGG BOSS 6 TELUGU VOTES AND COORDINATION PERCENTAGESite web.Coelho candidate for elimination through coordination in theBigg Boss Telugu Ott Votos nSelection research.HeBigg Boss Telugu -vestress -versicapingYVoting researchNow it is also live online.


Big Boss 6 Telugu (Woche 2)

Then you will find the public research of the public research ofBigg Boss 6 Telugu vote.You can vote on this platform and know who gets more votes and support every week.EpisodeYNominations.

Percentage of Bigg Boss 6 Telugu (Woche-2) voting results

PositionCandidatepercentageNumber of votesLost call number
3Marina y Rohit12,90%84967288877610
5Geetu royal8,71%57417288877608
6Adi Reddy8,23%54257288877617

Last Update: September 17, 2022 (9:54 am)

(Video) Bigg boss 6 telugu votes results | week 6 day 2 Results

Bigg Boss 6 List of Telugu's Appointment and Elimination (Week 1) [without elimination week]

  • Do you sing
  • Abhinaya
  • Recently
  • Aro
  • Guest
  • Fama

Bigg Boss 6 List of Telugu's Appointment and Elimination (Week 2)

  • Recently
  • Fama
  • Marina Rohit
  • Geetu royal
  • Raj
  • Adi Reddy
  • Shani(Eliminated)
  • Abhinaya(Eliminated)

Voto two hotestar

Voting on the heat order is very simple. You should apply for the Hotstar app to vote for the candidate.loja.Colque an account and log in to the Hotstar.See the Big Boss logo revealed.Based on the logo you can see the voice bar. Click on the voting bar. Then the indicated participants will appear on the screen this week. Touch in your favorite photo to the candidate.

We took another step here: For procedures, I'm still as you can vote for Bigg Boss 6 Teluu in the Disney Hotstar app.

  • Install the Disney Hotting app from Google Play history
  • Register with the application and create a new account
  • After creating the account, go to the search bar and type the "Bigg Boss 6 Telluge" vote "" Bigg Boss 6 Telluing Voiceing "or" Bigg Boss Tellu Vote ".
  • Bigg Boss Telugu HotstarPage appears in season six 6 of Bigg Boss, you can see the vote -ar
  • If you click on the vote bar, a list of indicated participants will appear.
  • Tap the image of your favorite candidate to give voice.
  • After voting, tap the save button.
  • The vote of Bigg Boss 6 Telugu starts from Monday at 10:30 pm. And it ends until Friday at half -night from 11:59 pm.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu has a total of 19 participants. All these 19 participants were recorded for 60 days at Bigg Boss House. But as the rule is eliminated every week. Here you will find the list of these 19 participants.

Participant list and status

1Adi Reddycritical
3Sudeepa RaparthiActress
5Arjun KalyanAtor
6Inaya SultanaActress
7Karathi keshav bhatActress
8Lister PazFunny
9Para o ídolo do rei shekharAtor
10Vatore ShriChoreography
13Rao Roo RoiNose
15RecentlyReproduction singer
sixteenNeha ChaudharyAnker
17Marina Abraham SahniActress
18Rohit SahniAtor
19Geetu royalMan of influence
20Raj SuryaRadiojockey
21Salmon SalmonAtor

List of Results and Development

All details about the elimination list and nomination lists can be found here. We update them from time to time. The indications last every week.or two participants are eliminated.

Elimination List - Voting Results

Week 1 - No elimination

Less 3 - Sunday

Week 3 - That

Week 4 - That

(Video) Last Day voting results today | Bigg Boss Telugu 6


Week 6 - That

Week 7 - That


Week 9 - That

Week 10 - That

Week 11 - That

Lost call vote

You can send your vote through a lost call.Bast select the phone number in your mobile number and connect the call that is automatically separate as soon as it looks and is considered a vote.

(Video) Bigg Boss Telugu 6 voting results today | Wednesday evening

Bigg Boss 6 Season of Telugu Numbers Falling

S. NOCandidateAttributed number
1Karathi bhatLost call number+91 7288877601
2Sudeepa PinkyLost call number+91 7288877602
3SrihanLost call number+91 7288877603
4Neha ChaudharyLost call number+91 7288877604
5Lister PazLost call number+91 7288877605
6SHRI TRUTHLost call number+91 7288877606
7Arjun KalyanLost call number+91 7288877607
8Geetu royalLost call number+91 7288877608
9Abwa SriLost call number+91 7288877609
10MerinaLost call number+91 7288877610
11Rohit SahniLost call number+91 7288877610
12Real amendmentLost call number+91 7288877611
13KrishnanLost call number+91 7288877612
14Satean salmonLost call number+91 7288877613
15Inaya sulthanaLost call number+91 7288877614
sixteenRaj Surya:Lost call number+91 7288877615
17FamaLost call number+91 7288877616
18Adi ReddyLost call number+91 7288877617
19RajshekarLost call number+91 7288877618
20Rao Roo RoiLost call number+91 7288877619
21RecentlyLost call number+91 7288877620

Nagarjuna hosagam

Akkineni Nagarjuna that inflates for thatBigg Boss 6 Show.He successfully organized the previous three seasons of Bigg Boss Telugu. In 2019, he is continuously a Bigg Boss. Many did not expect Nagarjuna to organize Telugu 6 for this big boss.

Nagarjuna has set up a record by constantly organizing Bigg Boss Show. In Tamil Bigg's head, Kamal Hasan has removed from the host seat for personal reasons and now Symbu Tamils Bigg Boss Unlimited is organizing.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu vote

BIGG Boss 6 Telugu vote (voting line and live results) ✅ (1)

ShowBigg Boss 6 Telugu
CanalIn the star
Show the start dateSeptember 22-22
Transmission timekiss
Number of participants19

The Bigg Boss Season 6 show started on February 26, 2022. You broadcast 24*7 at the Disney Hotstar app. For the audience that wishes the entire exposure of the day by one hour, Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Macher did a special program1 hour every day and is transmitted every day at hotstar at 9 pm.

BIGG BOSS enthusiasm is increasing every day. TRP reviews will also be positive and high. The 6th Big Boss Season Transmission is now exclusively on the OTT. Hotstar Hostar platform is now available for appropriate signatures.

The winner of Bigg Boss's sixth season 6 receives a cash price of 50 Lakh, in addition to the remuneration.

Common questions?

What is the limit for the 6 votes of Biggg chief a day?

10 votes. You can deliver 10 votes on the day of a registered account.

(Video) Bigg Boss Telugu 6 voting results today | Wednesday morning

How can you see Bigg Boss 6 Telugu online?

Disney Hotstar Application, website.

What are the results of the sixth season 6 of Bigg Boss today?

Visit our "Bigg Boss 6" section section. We search for the results and the appointment list in this section regularly

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voice Ott?

Bindu MadhaviHe is the winner of the Bigg Boss 6 Ott show

Who will be eliminated this week - the 6th season of Bigg Boss?

The excretion will be decided at the end of the week.

(Video) Bigg Boss Telugu 6 voting results today | Last Day

Diploma:Here in this article, we gave the most important details of Bigg Boss Telugu Show. We also presented its unofficial survey of Bisd 6 Telugu -Menation.

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